Why Do We Have So Many Lines On Our Palms?

Has it ever occurred to you to ask yourself about certain parts of your body, such as why do we have nails, why do we have lines on our palms, while the skin on the surface is smooth?

The biological term for the lines on the inside of our palms is palmar flexion creases. Their actual function is to help the hand in the movements, such as squeezing, stretching, folding etc. These lines actually protect the skin from breaking and allow it to be more flexible and elastic at the same time.

We are born with the lines on our palms – they don’t just make themselves after we start grabbing onto something.

Aside from their primary function, they can tell about certain medical disorders, such as lack of nutrients, allergies, anemia, eczema etc.

So, the reason the palms are filled with bigger and smaller lines is to help the skin on our hand to be stretchy and flexible. The hands are the most active organs of the body, because we use them in every activity, since brushing the teeth in the morning, to preparing and folding the bed before going to sleep. 

If we don’t have line on our palms, bags of loosened skin will just hang out from the inside of our palm when are hands are relaxed. Can you imagine the sight?

But, people and ancient knowledge found another purpose for the palmar flexion creases. Foretelling the future and the personality traits of the individual.

This pseudo-science is called Palmistry. However, palmistry is not a regular science and the interpretations behind the set of lines could differ from culture to culture. But it’s quite okay to read stuff like that from time to time, just for fun.